Earn Money Doing What You Love

Turn your passion into opportunity

Fuel your potential as a personal trainer and reach clients from around the globe.

Experience the full range of benefits when opening your shop

Grow Your Business

Tap into enhanced marketing, simplified shop setup, and dynamic tools for unleashing your trainer potential

Flexible To Your Style

Sell a Variety of pre-made and custom digital products, tailored to your unique training style and ranging from PDF guides to engaging videos.

Education & Support

We have developed a range of tools and resources, including how-to guides and a partnership program, to facilitate effortless selling and enhance your business.

Great Value

We ensure transparency by clearly outlining our minimal fees and the specific purposes for which they are intended.

Grow Your Business

Reach a Growing Community

We actively invest in attracting individuals who are eager to invest in themselves and discover unique training programs from independent professionals like you.

Generate Passive Income

Once you upload your premade program, you can enjoy the potential for unlimited purchases. Your program can generate income for you continuously, even while you focus on other aspects of your business or create new offerings.

Get Repeat Buyers

When a customer invests in your program, it marks the beginning of a valuable connection. By nurturing this relationship, you can encourage repeat purchases as customers trust and appreciate the value you bring to their fitness experience.

Flexible To
Your Style

Create Your Way

Offer pre-made digital products in any format that suits your training style.


Upload your PDF file directly to your products so buyers can access instantly


Upload your PDF file directly to your products so buyers can access instantly


Upload your PDF file directly to your products so buyers can access instantly

Everything else

Other types of programs can be sold on Markfitplace.

A wide range of solutions

Monetize your expertise by selling various fitness programs, nutrition plans, habit tracking tools, and other fitness-related resources.

Great Value,
No Strings.

No Subscription Required

Open a shop and list your products without spending a dime! We only take a small percentage from each individual sale.

Low Transaction Fees

The total sales transaction fee is only 20%, which encompasses the site's expenses such as credit card transaction fees. The remaining amount is reinvested in marketing efforts to attract more customers for your business.

Set Your Price & Earn

You have the freedom to set the prices for your products as you wish. Experience the satisfaction of selling digital products and earning from unlimited purchases.

Tools and Support

Our job is to take out the hassle of finding new clients and simplify the purchasing process. We’ve created tools and resources to make selling easy.

We’ve put together a guide to set up your shop, create listings and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Markfitplace. We are constantly updating the guide to adapt to trends and site enhancements. Visit the Seller Handbook (coming soon)

We’ve made it easy for not only opening your shop, creating new products with a quick step by step process

Take advantage of exclusive discount programs with our partners for your business and lifestyle. Visit our Partner Program (Coming soon)

Open your shop in less than 2 minutes

Ready to get your programs online? Opening your shop requires no up front costs and can be done in under 2 minutes.

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